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Indians have always defied the farmer who grows and provides food. Our Vedic Ancestors had a deep reverence for nature and her mysteries, and so did our ancient farmers. These nuggets of knowledge enabled the Indian civilization to withstand the test of time and the fertility of over 5,000 years of our recorded history.

Good food is the ultimate luxury today, Vegetables and fruits are quickly ripened using harsh chemicals like calcium carbide which produces acetylene gases.
These are highly harmful to human bodies. They are carcinogenic and adversely affect our immune system.

Vamsiram Farmlands Bring Vedic Farmyards-own a farmyard to grow your organic produce.

  • Status Farm Land
  • Area 250 Acres
  • Location Chevalla
  • Farm Land
Vamsiram Vedic Farm Land @ Chevella - Vamsiram.com
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